Library Director

Kristi Sorensen is the Belle Plaine Community Library director. This is what she says about herself and her job:

I am on my 21st year as Library Director. I never set out to be a library director, but started my years of work as a substance abuse counselor. When I married, I stayed home with my children until they entered school. I then worked at our public school for 2 years in the kitchen, and then 3 years as an associate in Special Ed. Being the library director seems to be the perfect place to combine my goals for work and family, and I enjoy it greatly.  Working with the public is one of my favorite parts of the job. It is fun to interact with people and learn about what they like to read. Sharing authors and book titles back and forth is a great opportunity to grow.

I live at Holiday Lake with my husband, Kent. We have two adult children.  Megan, and husband, Mike, live in Ankeny and she teaches art in Boone. They have two sons, Finn and Nolan. Joe graduated from Coe College and works in Des Moines. I  have married adult stepchildren, and altogether I have 17 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Activities with family keep me busy, and add to the problem of never enough time to read. BUT, having children of all ages in my life reinforces the need to stay up with the good books in all age groups.

I graduated from Reinbeck High School, attended Iowa State University for two years and the counselor training program at Independence. I received my BA from Marycrest in Davenport, Iowa.

As library director I am in charge of overseeing the management of the library.  I report to the 9 member board of directors and to city officials.

When not at the library I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, quilting, sewing, crocheting and outdoor activities at the lake!

Come to the library and see all there is for you! Even if you don't read novels, I am sure we can find something you would find of interest!


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