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Access, Services and Programs

These policies cover policies on loan periods, borrowing privileges, library programs and more.


Belle Plaine Community Library

Availability of Hours and Services

Regular Hours

The Belle Plaine Community Library's Regular Hours will be as follows:

Monday         10:00 A.M. - 7 P.M.

Tuesday         10:00 A.M. - 7 P.M.

Wednesday   10:00 A.M. - 7 P.M.

Thursday         10:00 A.M. - 7 P.M.

                          Friday             10 A.M - 4:00 P.M.                          

Saturday      9 A.M.- Noon.


Emergency Closings

1. The Library may be closed at the Library Director's discretion.

2. Reasons for closing include but are not limited to the following:

  • snow accumulation
  • storms
  • floods
  • loss of utilities
  • acts of God
  • other emergencies

3. Guidelines for closing are as follows:

  • other businessess/ offices close
  • safety of the staff traveling is in question
  • a "no travel" advisory is issues
   Operations Policy
Circulation Services
All Iowa citizens with identification and current address verification (this can include drivers license, or mail with the citizens name and street address shown), may register for a Belle Plaine Community Library card. Registration is for one year and is renewable if there are no outstanding fines and fees.
  • Application for children's library cards (under age 14) must be signed by parent or legal guardian. Parents must show proper ID or have a valid Belle Plaine Community Library card before a child's card will be issued. Those 14 and over must show an ID, such as a school ID or driver's license.
  • Library staff may ask to see some identification before checkout of materials to a person if that person is not personally known.
  • Change of address / phone number should be reported to library.
  • Borrowing privileges / renewals / computer use are suspended if the patron accumulates $3.00 or more in fines or fees.
Temporary Registration
People who are visiting in the Belle Plaine Community Library area and would like to use the facilities (including checking out materials) may sign up for a temporary card. People desiring a temporary card number must present identification with current address and fill out an application form.

Borrowing Privileges
The library has a policy of open borrowing privileges which allows anyone, regardless of age, to select from any part of the library collection. It must be the responsibility of those parents/ guardians who wish to do so to monitor their children's use of library materials.
We limit the number of materials a patron may have checked out at any given time to 10. Exceptions can be made by the director or other library staff if deemed necessary.

Confidentiality of Records
All patron records are confidential.

Borrowers' Responsibilities
Patrons are expected to abide by the policy's of the library. Cardholders are responsible for all items checked out on their cards. They are expected to return materials in the stated times and in the same condition.

Materials/Loan Periods/Fines*/Renewals**
Books                                  2 week loan          .25/day           one renewal
Book and Music CD's       2 week loan          .25/day           one renewal
Magazines                          2 week loan          .25/day           one renewal
DVD's                                 1 week loan       $1.00 /day         one renewal
Reference                           1 week loan         .25 / day            no renewal
Interlibrary loan                   3 week loan      $1.25/day             no renewal

No loans on the following: Newspapers or Archive Materials.

* Excludes Sundays and holidays. (Note: Maximum fine is the current cost of an item).

** Renewals can be made over the phone, by email or in person but will not be accepted if the material has been requested/reserved by another patron.

Notices of Overdue Materials / Bills
  • A courtesy phone call (or written reminder) about overdue materials will be made after materials are two weeks past the due date.
  • When materials are six weeks overdue, a bill for the cost of the materials and processing may be sent.
  • A patron's borrowing privileges will be temporarily suspended when the fines reach $3.00.
Damaged / Lost Materials
  • If materials are not returned in same condition, patrons are expected to pay an individually assessed fee based on the repair that needs to be done.
  • If materials are lost or not returned at all, patrons are expected to pay for replacement cost.
Any item that can be checked out can also be placed on reserve.
  • Equipment may be reserved in advance for meetings. In the case of multiple requests to reserve the same item, reserves will be made on a first-serve basis.
  • When reserved items become available, the patron will be notified and material(s) will be held at the Circulation Desk for 3 days after notice is given.
Interlibrary Loan Services

Participation / Protocol / Fees /  Fines
If a library does not own the item needed, the patron may request that it be borrowed from another library through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system. Request forms can be obtained at the Circulation Desk.
  • There is a charge of $2.50 per item to help with postage costs. This must be paid at the time request is made. If we are unable to get the material, the patron will be refunded the amount paid.
  • Patrons who order materials through ILL and do Not pick up the materials when they arrive, will be charged $2.50.
  • Overdue Interlibrary Loans will accure fines of $1.25/ day.
Reference Services

Reference Questions
Requests for information made by the general public will be  accepted by the library staff.
  • Requests may be made in writing, in person, over the phone, via e-mail, or FAX.
  • As time and knowledge allow, the library staff will attempt to hind the requested information for the general public or give guidance in how to find the desired information.
Homework Assignments
The library staff will provide general guidance (as time and knowledge of the assignment allows) in helping students find needed information to complete homework assignments.

Equipment Services
The library provides a FAX machine, copier, and computers for patron use.
  • Staff will either provide direct services in the use of the equipment or (as time allows) will provide basic instruction in the use of equipments.
  • A fee for use of supplies is charged to the patron.
Adopted by Board of Trustees
Sept. 28, 1999
Revised Sept. 2005
Revised Sept. 2008
Revised July 2012
Revised Aug. 2015







Suggested content for the Access, Services and Programs policies.

  • Availability of hours and services
  • Holiday closings /emergency and weather closings
  • Borrowing privileges
  • Fines and fees
  • Loan periods
  • Local reference service
  • Regional reference service
  • Children / Young Adult
  • Adult programming
  • Meeting room / ICN room use
  • Bulletin board and display areas
  • Regional / State Library programs
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